Breakout Sessions


A Call for Help: Treasuring the Mind

Mental health and those seeking professional help have been plagued by the negative stigma of our society. There is no shame in seeking help and understanding the trials that come with dealing with the issues of the mind. This session seeks to dismantle those negative ideas associated with mental health and create a safe environment to discuss the issues that face many girls face today.

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Eye Am Different

Every girl has been created with unique features, talents and skills. So often we cannot see our beauty because we fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others. This workshop will use the eye, which has often been described as the gateway to the soul, the essence of who you truly are to help girls examine their own individuality, while celebrating their sisters’ uniqueness. Participants will identify their eye shape, and learn makeup tips and techniques customized just for her!


Freedom to Forgive

You’ve been through a lot. Life’s taken its toll. Someone’s hurt you, and you can’t see how you can ever move on. Forgiveness seems miles away. Or does it? Forgiveness is more for you than those who’ve hurt you. Forgiveness frees you to pursue a fruitful future. Through personal stories and discussion, this session seeks to help you open you heart as you unlock the freedom to forgive.


Keeping Sisters Safe

We are our sister’s keepers. In a world that often misuses and abuses women, we have the opportunity to take back our power, fight for our rights, and defend those whose voices have been cast into the dark.Through the lens of human trafficking, ladies will learn about the realities of a harsh world, but will also be equipped with solutions to keep themselves and their fellow sisters safe.

Love Shouldn’t Hurt

Every person deserves a healthy relationship free from fear and intimidation. This session, led in conjunction with Metropolitan Family Services, will educate girls on the realities of domestic violence. This is a REQUIRED session for all participants to attend.

Loving Me as Me

You are beautiful. You are loved. You are special. Do you believe that? Whether you do or don’t, it is the truth. No one is here by accident. Even in imperfections, there is so much to love.

Sisters to Scholars

High school’s coming to an end. Are you ready? What are your plans post-graduation? College may seem scary, but with proper preparation, you’ll be ready! From college applications to scholarships to strategies for success, we’ve got you covered!


Stress Management 101

Overwhelmed. Tired. Overloaded. Girl! Are you stressed? there are many easy and healthy ways of dealing with stress. Attend this session for practical solutions to overcome those daily stresses that get in the way of living your best life.


Unpacking Your Baggage

How many of you are carrying around a HUGE suitcase of past pain, past mistakes, past failures and a whole lot of other pasts that hinder you from planning a bright future? Come and see how you can unpack your baggage and plan a vacation of a lifetime. Bon Voyage!!


Writing Her Story

Putting pen to paper is a unique form of release that many turn to in hard times. Do you have a story to tell? Are you holding onto feelings that need to be released? This session offers tools to help you write your story without fear of judgment or publicity. You do not have to share your story. We will only help you learn to express how you feel through writing.


Women’s Circle

This session is for adults who attend the GEMS Conference as chaperones for organizations. There are various topics that will be discussed, and there will be opportunities to learn from each other regarding issues that face teenage girls today.